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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here's Your Sign-- Day 3

Yesterday I was informed by my 5 year old niece that I apparently do not have enough Halloween decorations in my house. So for today's deco project, I decided to do a couple of simple signs. Have I mentioned how much I love (and miss) SEI? Well, here is a great product just for Halloween. They have these FANTASTIC iron-ons that allow you (or your child) to create one-of-a-kind projects. They have this cute little witch....

Or, this handsome li'l Dracula. There is 60 little pieces to help you create whatever your heart desires. You can also create a monster or jack-o-lantern. To see all their options click here.

To begin, you want to cold peel your pieces to create your sign. Go slowly or you'll tear the iron-on. These signs are done on a piece of foam core. The witch sign measures 10"x12".
Once I had them placed where I wanted, I ironed them on to the foam core. I placed a piece of paper between the iron and the iron-on, since I wasn't sure how the foam core would react to the heat. It wrinkled just slightly. Next time, I think I would iron it on paper and then adhere it to the foam core.

To finish the witch sign I cold peeled black iron-on transfers and spelled this out. Then used SEI brand Black ink on the edges to give it that extra touch.

Then repeated all the steps above to make Dracula. This sign measures 9"x10".

Don't throw away the paper left from the iron-on transfer. In a coming tutorial I'll show you how to use those too.

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