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Friday, April 27, 2012


Not only did the Easter Bunny leave this two awesome kids great surprises, but dear old Aunt Tiff snuck down to their house literally in the middle of the night (their mother was still awake) and left surprises for them too. They had a surprise for me as well. They had colored eggs for my husband and I because we weren't able to make it to the egg dyeing party.

Little Miss "A" has been asking her mother for an apron for a long time. And this year, I finally helped make that happen. Her mother didn't even know it was coming. Their mother was expecting a Harry Potter snow owl look-a-like for Mr. "L", but that was just not panning out. This sweet boy has been bouncing back and forth between Harry Potter and Star Wars. So, instead of an owl, he got a Jedi inspired cloak instead. The best miracle of all was that I didn't have any measurements written down for either one of them except for the ones still floating around in my head from the dress I made for
 Miss "A" here .

The cloak to me about 3 hours start to finish and I made it completely out of a twin sheet. Using as much of the hem lines throughout the sheet as much as possible to save time. 

Little Miss "A" doesn't know it, but she actually picked out the pink fabric for the main part of the apron. About a year or so ago, her mother secretly handed me the pink fabric and told me to use it for something since she doesn't sew.  There was about a yard of fabric, so I used it for her apron. I had never found anything else I wanted to use it for. Thus, this apron was born. The strings at the back are made from the same striped fabric as the neck tie. Would you believe it took me longer to do this than it did for the cloak?

I love these kids. I love having them as neighbors, and I love being their Aunt.

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You'd think I would have done this by now

A couple of years ago, my husband and I decided to do something big for his parents for Christmas. We made 17 crib sized blankets for all the grandkids to be given from his parents.  Well, little did I know this would be the gift that keeps on giving from now to eternity. His mother (bless her heart) has requested they keep being made so none of the grandchildren feel left out. This was 2011. I know some of you don't like the look or feel of tied quilts, but to me they are just homey. And I am still trying to figure out the quilting feature on my sewing machine. *sigh* maybe someday.

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