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Sunday, November 9, 2014


I know I'm a little behind posting my Halloween costume but thought I should do it now before I forget.  Typically I go for the princess/happy type. But this year I wanted to be a villain, hence Maleficent was born. I did it based on the Sleeping Beauty character, not the Angelina Jolie movie. My friend Katie is my crow.

I made my own pattern for the coat and used purple and black sheets.  The hat I made. I shaped aluminum foil around my head then taped it with electrical tape. The horns are a heart-shaped styrofoam wreath that I cut in half and glued to the aluminum foil then also covered in electrical tape. My ring is a large black button that I glued to a ring. My staff is a 48" dowel with a cardboard shape and wooden ball hot glued to them then spray painted gold. Total cost was right around $30. I won the scariest costume award at work.