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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Busy December

December is always a busy month for all of us. Me especially with all my Christmas orders and getting ready for my own family's Christmas. Here are a few projects I did in December:

Super hero cape

An Apron

And this cute blanket for a good friend. This is a close-up of the fabric.

And the full-size image. (Excuse the nasty window scene in the back. This ginormous window is a bugger to sit under in the winter time, so we put plastic over it this year and I haven't gotten around to curtains to cover it up yet.) This is the biggest blanket I have done so far. 78"x90" (full)
And the highlight of Christmas morning was this beauty and her three best friends under the tree. Tee hee!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know that at Hobby Lobby you can pick up free project ideas all over the store? I normally wouldn't just go through and pick up a whole bunch of them, but I didn't know they do this and went a tiny bit crazy, but I was AMAZED!!! I love free project ideas.

Help Me Collect

My sister is collecting these. Not sure exactly what for, but if you have any, let me know. She's crafty like the rest of us, so I'm sure whatever she is doing, it will be FABULOUS!!

image from The Daily Green

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Small Organ

I have this electric organ that (technically) belongs to my mother-in-law. I have it for sale on the KSL classifieds, but if one of you lovely followers wants it, just let me know. I have it listed for $5, but really I just would like to have the space back it is taking up in the living room. It is basically wall-to-wall furniture here (especially now that the Christmas tree is up). Just let me know if you are interested.