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Friday, August 30, 2013

Duck Dynasty Party

Welcome to the 100th POST!!! What a way to celebrate it by sharing three of my loves with you. My nephew, party decoratings, and Ducky Dynasty!!

 My nephew turned 12 this week and LOVES Duck Dynasty and especially Uncle Si. His mom called 4 days before the party asking for some help with the decorations. 

This is what I came up with. The sign is a tablecloth I cut up so the tree would line up and look like one long tree. Then cut out some letters on contact paper on the LPF. My mother in law had the two branches and the short log. 

The cattails are real and I spent the morning clipping them alongside the creek in town. The mesh camouflage fabric was borrowed from a friend, and the "LOGAN" letters were strung between the two branches with wire. 

My sister in law made the cupcakes and I already had the cupcake stands, which I made myself. They are hotplate covers on top of painted terra cotta clay pots. 

I made the boxes. The tutorial is found here. My cousin had the antlers from her husband collecting them while hiking and the three mallard duck decoys I bought from a classified ad $5 for all THREE!!

To make the cardboard deer, I cut out a small one on the LPF out of paper and blew up the images using a projector. 

The snakes I found at the dollar store and they were already spiral-ly so I wrapped them around the log and the two branches on the dessert table.

 And I put this log on the present table.

All in all, it went pretty well, and the total cost for the decorations came to $18.60!! Less than $20. That's my kind of party!

My nephew loved the board so much, he carefully peeled off the "birthday" letters and made it his new headboard. It's the little things that make him the most happy. I was so glad he asked me to help. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Make your own decor boxes

My nephew's birthday was earlier this week and he had a party yesterday. He's having a Duck Dynasty party and so we wanted to do some decorations with cattails. Since they are still in season here, to keep costs down, I cut real ones. The only problem was, I needed something to display them in. Trying to keep costs down as low as possible, I decided to make my own. I kind of just made it up as I went along. 

First, you will need a sheet of medium weight cardboard that is 19" wide by 32" long. I used a yard stick and a boning/scoring tool  to make the creases. The score marks are made at 7 1/2", 15", 22 1/2", and 30". You will want to measure how wide you want the box and then add a 2" tab along the sides to glue it together with. I folded as I went to make sure the creases were good and straight

 Then I cut a square that was 7 1/2 x 7 1/2" for the bottom and wrapped the tab around it first, hot gluing it in place.

I held the tab down for several minutes to make sure the glue was holding. 

Then glued the rest of it together with a very liberal amount of glue going the whole length of my tab to keep the box intact. I placed weights on it (these are decorative river rocks) and left them there for a good half hour to make sure the glue was dried and holding. 

ta-da!! Two of them.

And this is how they turned out. I bought some camo fabric from Joann's and wrapped it around adding another two inches to each end so it could be folded in and under. On the bottom I taped the fabric down with some painter's tape, and on the top I pinned it down using regular sewing pins. I also pinned it in the back where the fabric ends met. Then tied burlap and orange ribbon around it. Those are real cattails that I cut from the little creek in town. I got the slivers from the pokies around them to prove it. ;). I thought they turned out fantastic! If I say so myself.