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Friday, May 31, 2013

Snips and snails and Super Hero capes

 My little nephew is turning 3 tomorrow. He is all boy, there's no doubt about it. It loves walking around in his Batman pj's saying "I'm Batman" in his best deep voice. Since I did his sister's Cinderella dress for her birthday just three weeks ago, I didn't want him to feel left out despite the fact that we are moving tomorrow!!! And we just determined this move was happening a mere 10 days AGO!!!

Since he is all boy and his sister got a whole dress, I knew these would go by much faster so I did 2. He was so excited. I gave him his present in the car and he looks at his mom and said " Can I get out and run around in my Batman cape?" She obliged and I wished I'd gotten pictures of the little squirt running around with his cape trailing behind him.

I did these with a simple rectangle that was about 24" X 30 " and pleated the top so they would fit around the shoulders. I did two 6"x2" strips and added velcro so he could put it on and take it off all by himself. The designs were cut out on the LPF using the same cartridges as here.

Score one for Aunt Tiff!!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

My New Obsession

Making and wearing these scarves has become my new obsession on the clothing front. They are so easy to make and only take an hour. We learned how to do them at a super Saturday event for church they appropriately named "Craftaholics Anonymous."  I got the boutique sashay yarn at Wal-mart, but then found out that Joann's has a ton of colors.   I LOVE them. So comfortable and so easy. Two of my favorite things. Can't wait to make one in every color!! And my sister informed me that she wanted one for her birthday in a couple of weeks. Since she just gave birth to one of the cutest little Utah Jazz fans ever, I will probably have to oblige. ;)

I also finished this infinity scarf that I started at the super Saturday event. It was crocheted with a size Q crochet hook and double threads. Not the easiest hook, but the scarf came together quickly. Looks like I'll need something new to wear it with. *wink

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

And While We're on the Subject of Babies

This week was full of finishes. It was so productive despite the fact I worked both my jobs this week. I am quitting my full-time day job and switching to 2 days a week working graves. Well, to get the grave yard shift I had to start before I finished my day job, so I put in almost 60 hours this week. But I did manage to get several projects completed. They'll come up in other posts you'll see in the next couple of days. My greatest accomplishment was this : MY FIRST 5K!!! A year ago I was knocking on 200 lbs, and today I'm around 171. I did not train for the 5K like I should have, but made myself finish it

This was an order for a friend, whose got a friend having a baby next month. We hit some bumps in the road getting to this getting done, but it is finished! I think it's adorable. I bought extra yardage of the brown bubble fabric. 

The center strip has velcro attached to it so that it is easy to peek in on baby without having to lift up the blanket. 

The mother-to-be is doing the room in pink and brown and owls so this is what we decided to do for it. I got the fabric at Joann's and through some cleverness on my part (I know that doesn't sound very humble, does it?), We got the owl figured out for the side. The baby's name is going to be "Amory". It was put on with iron-ons cut out on the LPF. I'm excited to say I've got the covers down to a T these days and it only took me about 5 hours to complete it. 

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Cinderelly! Cinderelly!

My cute little niece had her birthday party today. It was small, just her family and a couple of us Aunts and Uncles. I was so pleased they invited us and so excited they are so close we'll get to play more often.  As soon as I found out Saturday night she was having a little get together the wheels in my brain started turning to try and come up with the perfect gift. So I started with the classic "who's your favorite princess?" Her answer was Jasmine. "Ok. Who's your 2nd favorite princess?" "Cinderella." Boom! Idea born.

Monday night after work I got busy on her Cinderella dress up. 

And late Tuesday night decided it needed a poufy underskirt to make it puff out more. The skirt was surprisingly simple and I just made it up as I went along. (Tutorial to come)

And what is the first thing every little girl does when she puts on a new dress? Test it's twirling abilities, of course. She specifically asked me for a picture of her twirling. 

 Not too shabby for a couple of bed sheets and some beads huh?

Yep. I think it went over well. Aunt Tiff nailed it again! Whew! All I had was her size, because I didn't want her mother to know what I was planning so it was a total surprise. 

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Monkey for a Little Monkey

My sweet friend Heidi just found out she's having a baby girl and she's due in September. She's doing the nursery in a jungle theme. It's mostly blues and oranges, so she said she wanted something pink to pop in the room. She lives 4 hours away now so when I found out she was coming up north for a visit, I decided to whip this little beauty out for her for a surprise. 

Keeping in the jungle/safari theme, I used some giraffe ribbon I had on hand to embellish the monkey. The good thing is I had everything on-hand so nothing new had to be purchased for this last minute project. Even the red heel socks. 

She was so excited and when I handed it to her, the baby started kicking! It was fantastic. I'm so excited to meet her little miss in a few months. 

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