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Thursday, May 16, 2013

And While We're on the Subject of Babies

This week was full of finishes. It was so productive despite the fact I worked both my jobs this week. I am quitting my full-time day job and switching to 2 days a week working graves. Well, to get the grave yard shift I had to start before I finished my day job, so I put in almost 60 hours this week. But I did manage to get several projects completed. They'll come up in other posts you'll see in the next couple of days. My greatest accomplishment was this : MY FIRST 5K!!! A year ago I was knocking on 200 lbs, and today I'm around 171. I did not train for the 5K like I should have, but made myself finish it

This was an order for a friend, whose got a friend having a baby next month. We hit some bumps in the road getting to this getting done, but it is finished! I think it's adorable. I bought extra yardage of the brown bubble fabric. 

The center strip has velcro attached to it so that it is easy to peek in on baby without having to lift up the blanket. 

The mother-to-be is doing the room in pink and brown and owls so this is what we decided to do for it. I got the fabric at Joann's and through some cleverness on my part (I know that doesn't sound very humble, does it?), We got the owl figured out for the side. The baby's name is going to be "Amory". It was put on with iron-ons cut out on the LPF. I'm excited to say I've got the covers down to a T these days and it only took me about 5 hours to complete it. 

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