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Saturday, February 15, 2014

They Come Cheaper by the Dozen

We had another Relief Society activity like every month.  For those of you unfamiliar with what this is, it is the women's organization at church. This month we did a dinner and I made these little babies.  They are my first attempt at cake pops. You know me. Go big or go home. I made about 14 dozen but only took 12 1/2 to the activity since I ran out of sucker sticks and dipping chocolate.  The chocolate coating is almond bark and is so yummy!!! The cake flavors are yellow, German chocolate,  red velvet, and cherry chip. The red velvet was the most difficult to dip but was the most popular flavor. The hubby bought me the cake pop pan a couple years ago for Christmas and this was the first time I got to use it. It was still in the plastic. He was such a big help. I could not have done it without him.  He drizzled all the chocolate and helped me dip them. After we were finished he asked if I wanted to open a bakery. Nope. Don't see that happening in the near future or ever.

                      They were a big hit!!

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