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Monday, June 14, 2010

So I got an email from someone named Matt last week and accidentally deleted the email. If you're still out there Matt please email me again.


On a side note be sure to pop over to Thinking About Pretty. It is a blog of a good friend I used to work with before I was a SAHW. She is so sweet. I miss working with her.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Today's Helpful Hint

So I was doing pans today and remembered a little blurp I had seen on the side of a box of baking soda i just bought last week about being a scratch free scrubber. I tried it out today and it was AMAZING!!! The little soda crystals worked out this nasty stuff that has been stuck to my pan for months. Before this all my scrubbing was for naught. When I cooked before with this pan I had to always lay aluminum foil in the pan because I could never get this nasty stuff OFF. Well, today I did it!! It's my new favorite thing. Once it worked on the pan I had to try it in my bath tub. It worked pretty well, and I was amazed at the soap scum it got rid of without too much scrubbing. I am hooked now. And for the 8oz box it was only.. are you ready for this?

46 CENTS!!

And it is odorless, so no harsh fumes, and your hands don't feel gritty at all after cleaning with it the way they always did with other powder cleaners like Ajax or Comet. Who knew?

Way to go Arm & Hammer!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


In the post below this one the very last picture is of a car seat canopy I did for my cousin. That sweet girl sent me some pics of it on the actual car seat it was made for.

And starting today, I am a full time stay at home wife. (No kids yet). So hopefully some of the free time that has opened up will allow me to get more projects done and to bring you guys and gals some tutorials that have been piling up in my head.

And I'm starting crochet lessons next week with a dear friend of mine so I will keep you all posted on how that's turning out. My grandmother tried to teach me in high school, but the lessons stopped after the granny square I was working on turned out to be a "wreck" tangle.