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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Murphy's Laws of Sewing

Murphy's Law of Sewing

from 501 Sewing tips by Clotilde (I think, it was in an email I got 4 years ago)

Fusible interfacings always fuse to the iron.

If you need six matching buttons, you will find five in your button box.

The seam you meant to rip out is invariably the other one.

When you are in a hurry, the needle eye is always too small.

The fabric you forgot to pre-shrink will always shrink the most.

The pattern you wanted to make again will have one key piece missing.

If you drop something out of your sewing basket, it will be your box of pins with the cover off.

Whenever the construction process is going well, the bobbin thread runs out.

The scissors cut easiest past the buttonhole.

The magnitude of the goof is in direct proportion to the cost of the fabric.

Your lost needle will be found by the person walking around barefoot.

Collar points don't match and you've trimmed all the seams.

The iron never scorches the garment until its final pressing.

The steam iron only burps rusty water on light silk fabric.

The sewing machine light usually burns out on Sunday.

Pinking shears get dull just by looking at them.

Gathering threads always break in the middle.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Derby Time!

I LOVE horses. My whole life my parents have had horses. I grew up going to rodeos and riding horses for family nights. This year, I decided it was time to have a party for the Kentucky Derby.
What is the most famous part of the derby?

The hats of course. I whipped these out for myself, my sister-in-law, and her three girls. The white hats I got at Wal-Mart for $2.97 each. The black hat was a little bit more at $8. All the ribbon but the thick white on the black hat and the purple ribbon I already had on hand. When I looked for Derby hats for the party, they ranged between $35-$275+ per hat.
These saved me so much!!! And it was the first time I had ever done hats before.

Then, it was decided that we needed some new horses.

And the party began.


After dinner, we watched the race. We actually had the party on Sunday, even though the race was Saturday. My sister-in-law picked the winning horse.

Playing horseshoes. I love all of them in their hats. And the handsome devil in the back looks pretty good too.
Kids stick horse race. It was hilarious!!

Adults stick horse race. Classic!

I just loved this picture of Little Miss "J" in her hat and Mr. "L" looking so handsome.
He even had a pocket watch.

The Winner's Circle
Most Dapper Dude, Most Creative Hat, Best Big Hat, Prettiest Dress, and the Race Winner in the back.