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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day #2 (I'm on a roll)

Day #2-- Yarn Monsters!! EEK!

For this project you need:

*3"x4" piece of either box cardboard(heavy duty) or cereal box card board. You will need it to be able to bend in half and still maintain it's basic shape
*Elmer's Glue
*Googley eyes
*ribbon, buttons, etc to create the face of the monster and accessorize it

Start off by taking the yarn and wrapping it around the cardboard 90-100 times. (if you want the monster to be more full wrap up to 120 times. The more you wrap, the fluffier it will be).

Once you've finished wrapping the yarn, carefully fold the cardboard in half and slide the yarn off. Then tie it in the middle with a 6" piece of the same yarn.

Begin clipping the loops. If you want one that looks kind of like an octopus then only clip one side. Otherwise clip both ends. You may need to do some clipping to even out the ends, or you can leave it scraggley looking.

Then let your little crafters go to work adding a face. Favorite on this one was the *N* found one of my crown shaped buttons so now it's a monster princess.

This was mine. I told them it's a ghost.
I decided to add crafting sticks to the orange one so that it had horns.(or maybe antennae. can't decide which :] )

*B*'s-- all she really wanted to do was put the buttons on the hat.
Aren't they adorable! And such a good way to use those little leftovers of yarn and make the kids feel like they helped make decorations for Halloween.

*** Be sure to keep an eye on the little ones. If your child is very small consider using BIG buttons and BIG googley eyes. To make the monsters bigger simple cut a larger piece of cardboard.

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