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Friday, April 12, 2013

Seamstress in the Making

This post isn't so much about one of my finishes, but it will update all of my fans out there to what I've been up to the last 6 weeks since I haven't posted anything for a while ;). 
Even though I don't get to have her at my house on Friday nights anymore because her parents' work schedules changed, I still get to spend quality time with this gal once a week sewing.  We decided to do a skirt for her. It originally started as her Easter dress, but she got a surprise one in the mail so we decided to save this one for the family party. Here she is gathering the ruffle for the bottom of the skirt.

And attaching the ruffle to the bottom of the skirt. She even sewed the ribbon on, and learned the joys pains of unpicking stitches.

 She doesn't say much but just soaks it all in.  Ironing the skirt just before she adds in the elastic band--almost there!

All finished!! Look at that face. And it's got tons of good twirl qualities. She got lots of compliments on it at the family party. Her older, female cousins were quite impressed. They told her they thought it was store-bought, and Grandma W. said she didn't do anything like this until 7th grade. The only thing I helped her with was the gather (because the thread kept breaking) and serging it. I also helped her with unpicking some places, but for the most part, this chickie did it ALL.

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  1. What a great finish for her! She can sew skirts better than me!