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Friday, March 23, 2012

I finally got pictures of these-- Sheesh!

I made these outfits a little over two years ago. I was so surprised when I found out these two little missies still fit in the dresses. They were originally done for a wedding reception, but it never happened. This chick is so posey. It was hard for me to get a good picture which is why I cut off part of her head. -- These were made from Simplicity 5704.

And here's her older sister in her red dress that still fits.

The next ones are Halloween costumes I did for these sweet little red heads.

Little Miss "B" as Raggedy Ann- I even dyed the tights. My sister has a life-size Raggedy Ann Doll. That was the only pattern I had (if you can call it a pattern, based on the fact the doll is over 20 years old and like 4 1/2 feet tall) other than the large circle for the hat, which was McCall's 2337

Little Miss "J" as a Black Bunny-- she loved it so much and I think it was the first time she got to wear this costume since it was originally done for her older sister. She wanted to sleep in it. The ears were the bane of my existence!! It took me 3 times to get them to work. Either the ears were uncooperative or the headband kept breaking. - The bunny was made using McCall's 8953

Little Miss "B" again as a monkey. This fit her a little bit better Halloween 2010. Little sprout just keeps growing. -The monkey was made using McCall's 8938.

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  1. WOW...that is a lot of work on those costumes!!! They look great on...and the dresses are darling!