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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A 3 Musketeers Halloween

This little princess wanted to be a musketeer from Barbie and the Three Musketeers. Her logic was "She has blonde hair and I have blonde hair." She is my same niece who got the birthday dress that I love. It's so fun spoiling her.

She was so excited. Who's the Best? Aunt Tiff. 

This is the original photo  that we had to go by from
Her mom wanted to contribute so she did the design for the gems and attached them. 
 I used  McCall's pattern 6020.

 I had to extend the sleeves, skirt, and also the bodice to give it the "v" shaped point at the end.

 Instead of making the circular sleeves to give the look of the sleeves, I doubled the sleeve measurement and gathered it. It was the same process I used for the dress here. I also did a lace-up back with the center section velcroed in. To fill out the dress I made a simple circle skirt out of felt about 4 years ago because some days you just don't feel like messing with tulle.

This was the thank you gift she picked out. This is exactly how it popped out of the box. Her mom did the folding for the bill to make it heart shaped. She picked it out because she said "she makes sock monkeys and she likes them. And she doesn't need money." Such a funny girl.
Love her and loved making the dress for her.
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  1. The costume turned out great. And she looks so happy. I'll bet she was the envy of all her friends.

  2. "Who's the best? Aunt Tiff". (Hilarious)

    What a great costume for a lovely princess. Great job!

  3. awww! Very cute! I love the back! Just came over to check out my competition for run and play :o)

  4. Is she begging to wear this to school everyday? My little girlie would....and that smile is the best gift to any sew-er!!!