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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Somedays, you just need a tea party

I watch my 3 nieces 3 days a week while my brother-in-law and his wife go to school. Today we decided it was time for a tea party. The tea set came from Family Dollar and was only $5 for a full setting for 4 (this included a plate, cup and saucer, fork, knife, and spoon). I found my cloth napkins and one of my favorite tablecloths from my childhood. For "tea" we had fruit loop "casserole" Cheez-its, saltines, and the little chocolate pieces you see are actually swiss rolls cut in halves. perfect little bite size treats for a tea party.

It was quite the party and lots of fun. The girls think we should do it every day, but I had to emphasize it was something special. It took a little bit of work to throw that party together, but it was fun. Love these little gals.